Manufacturing Capabilities

Foresight works with quality driven customers providing a range of critical manufacturing capabilities. We are a global leader in CNC machining of plastics, CNC machining of metals, plastic welding and fabrication and the assembly of subsystems and equipment. In addition, we are continuing to add critical capabilities where we see the opportunity to deliver cost reduction or transition from low to high production volumes.

Contract Manufacturing

Foresight provides subsystems and turnkey system build with complete Acceptance Testing for OEMs.

CNC Plastic Machining

Foresight brings leading edge aerospace quality and process control to the machining of plastics.

CNC Metal Machining

Foresight Technologies (US) was founded and staffed by experienced people from leading aerospace manufacturers.

Plastic Welding & Fabrication

We are a leading global provider of Certified Plastic Welding (AWS B2.4) products for critical process OEMs.

High Purity Plumbing

In order to provide more complete system build, Foresight produces a wide range of high purity plumbing for your systems.

Rapid Prototyping

Award winning, dedicated RPM department provides quick turn services to support prototypes thru production capacity. This is offered as a strategic solution for our key customers.

Chemical Delivery Systems

Foresight’s CuSuites product line is a turn-key Chemical Delivery solution for Advanced Cu Plating and 3D packaging solutions.

Injection Mold & Near Net Shape Molding

Foresight is focused on providing the right solution for each application, including cost reduction thru injection and near net shape molding.

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