What We Do Best

Foresight’s breadth of capabilities, unique approach and experience has led to our position as a global leader in CNC machining of plastics and metals, plastic welding and fabrication, and the assembly of subsystems and equipment. In addition, we continue to add critical capabilities where we see an opportunity to deliver cost reduction to our customers.

Foresight provides subsystems and turnkey system build with complete Acceptance Testing for OEMs.

Foresight brings leading edge aerospace quality and process control to the machining of plastics.

We are a leading global provider of Certified Plastic Welding (AWS B2.4) products for critical process OEMs.

Foresight Technologies (US) was founded and staffed by experienced people from leading aerospace manufacturers.

In order to provide more complete system build, Foresight produces a wide range of high purity plumbing for your systems.

Award winning, dedicated RPM department provides quick turn services to support prototypes thru production capacity. This is offered as a strategic solution for our key customers.

Foresight’s CuSuites product line is a turn-key Chemical Delivery solution for Advanced Cu Plating and 3D packaging solutions.

Foresight is focused on providing the right solution for each application, including cost reduction thru injection and near net shape molding.

Our Unique Approach

Foresight companies are advanced manufacturing companies providing critical machined parts and subsystems for industry leaders in semiconductor, aerospace, defense and other industries. We specialize in complex CNC machining of engineered plastics and metal parts, with critical quality requirements.

We strive to be our Customers Preferred Supplier and collaboration partner with shared goals and objectives. We do this by providing a Strategic Cost Advantage to be the most competitive supplier, and by providing solutions to supply chain challenges.

Industries Served

Our innovation and deep engineering skills are heavily relied upon for creating cost effective and reliable product solutions, from complex machine and assembly, to highly engineered process tools.

  • Aerospace
  • Semiconductor Equipment
  • Defense
  • Medical Equipment
  • Biotech/Pharma
  • Optics
  • Chemical Delivery Systems
  • Oil and Gas

“You were a great partner this year and helped us pull off a lot of diving catches and quick turns.”

– John, Semiconductor OEM

Latest News

Foresight Technologies Expands again!

July 13th, 2022|

Foresight has added the adjoining building to our main site.  The facility has been completely remodeled and will provide an additional 25% increase in our production space.  The facility will be primarily focused on subsystem

Foresight Asia Pacific Campus Expands!

July 13th, 2022|

Foresight Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd. has completed its new 80,000 sf production facility expansion in Penang, Malaysia.  The facility will allow for rapid growth in CNC machining, plastic welding, hi purity plumbing, and clean room

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