Foresight Asia Pacific Snd. Bhd. is pleased to announce that we have completed moving onto our new manufacturing campus in Penang, Malaysia.

The new manufacturing campus includes a new 30,000sf production facility and 2.7 acres of land to provide a permanent home for our expansion strategy.  It’s just around the corner from our old facility, so no impact to what is most important — our staff.

Our new facility has been completely updated to meet current and future requirements. It features 100% new air conditioning to achieve critical tolerances in plastics, overhead crane systems to more efficiently move larger products, new and expanded CL1000 and CL10,000 cleanrooms and DI systems for module assembly, internal clean processing of parts and a full epoxy flooring system to provide a cleaner production process throughout the facility.  The newly designed production layout emphasizes LEAN manufacturing with optimized production flow and minimum waste on movement for improved efficiency.

Our new facility also provides substantial additional room for expansion of CNC machining and clean room assembly.  We’ve already added a new 5 Axis CNC Machining Center in June to support more complex and critical parts, and will continue our strategy of adding 5 axis Machining Centers and Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) to deliver the most advanced production methods in the region.

We are committed to being the most technically advanced supplier delivering higher quality and the lowest cost supplier. Find out more by contacting a Foresight sales team member at (US) or (Malaysia).

COMING SOON: Look for upcoming details on the construction of a new 90,000 sf production facility on our campus.  The upcoming project will allow us to greatly expand our operations and capabilities, and help us achieve our goal of being the most technically advanced supplier, delivering highest quality and substantially lower costs.