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Foresight Technologies (US) and Foresight Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia) are global leaders in precision CNC machining, plastic welding and high purity assembly. With a combined staff of 250 employees, 50+ CNC machine tools and 30 Certified Plastic Welders, Foresight strives to be the preferred supplier and collaborative partner of our customers.

As a provider of critical plastic systems to semiconductor, aerospace and chemical equipment markets, we struggled fitting the somewhat “Artisan Craft” of plastic welding into our process driven quality systems. We understand the criticality of the chemical systems; any leak could expose operators to unsafe conditions, cause significant downtime for wafer fabs, and potentially damage millions of dollars of product.

While plastic welding has many applications, in the semiconductor industry it has an additional cosmetic requirement which conflicts with many of the standard certifications. Not only must the weld be strong, it must also have minimal pits, capillaries and fluctuations in wake flow. These cosmetic imperfections can provide dead spots where bacteria and contaminants can accumulate, and this can have a major impact on wafer device performance and yield.

This white paper looks at Foresight’s process of plastic welding certification, industry standards that provide the framework for plastic welder certification and explains the necessity of repeating these processes and ensuring that they meet process requirements of advanced quality OEMs.

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