Why are we Different?



Foresight processing is a dedicated, high engineering wet chemical process tool designer and manufacturer. Our skills are grounded in years of in fab and factory process and equipment engineering. We understand and design from the user experience which results in highly functional, very reliable and user friendly designs. So first and foremost, Foresight tools work reliably, consistently and for the long run, Foresight is a stable and trusted partner supporting a global base of almost 2000 wet process tools. Our tools are located in some of the most advanced and sophisticated factories where MTBF and sustained production volume are paramount. We understand what customers need from their side of the cleanroom door.


As a growing and stable company we invite you to compare us against our competition. You will find we are functionally larger, financially more stable and have more capability making Foresight the most stable, reliable and capable choice.


Process and productivity define how well a company is run. We are ISO9001:2008, AS9100 & PPAP qualified and registered. We serve the most complex and exacting requirements and are a preferred provider by Semiconductor, MEMs, Solar, Military, Aerospace and Medical Device clients who choose us over and over again for value, delivery, quality and performance. We are different and we prove it daily. Visit us and see for yourself.