Quality Programs

At Foresight Technologies, sustaining customer satisfaction, in terms of product quality and service, requires managerial, technological and statistical concepts, be implemented throughout the organization.


Concepts such as, Six Sigma, DOE(Design of Experiments), QFD(Quality Functional Deployment), PDCA(Plan-Do-Check-Act) Copy Exact, POR(Process of Record), FMEA(Failure Mode Effect Analysis), SPC(Statistical Process Control), etc., are not relegated to our quality department alone, but rather implemented throughout our manufacturing process.


Foresight Technologies has received very high marks during our ISO9001:2008 & AS9100 Rev. B annual audits. We believe Up Front Quality Planning, drives customer satisfaction in both product quality and On Time Delivery. We support this claim by assigning a Quality Engineer to work with a Process Engineer Programmer, before a tool ever touches the product. Step by step quality plans are generated for each operation to provide the data absolutely essential to perform the analysis at the end of the production process, to enhance our Continuous Measurable Improvement initiatives.


Continuous Measurable Improvement has become a way of life within our organization. Because Quality and productivity are closely linked, the efforts being made in our CI program, at Foresight Technologies, are already resulting in greater productivity, which equates to lower cost to our valued customers. We are focused on a 4 phase improvement program, where variation reduction is the resultant of plotting Cp / Cpk positioning capabilities of all our CNC Equipment, Uniform Quick Change over " Ball Locking " sub plates, allowing hours to be reduced to a few minutes, Uniform Machine tool library, making each machine tool selection a constant, regardless of who the programmer is, and finally, continually assessing the skill sets of our people who touch the products, is our formula for a successful quality program.


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