Manual Systems – Discovery Series

The Discovery Series from Foresight offers the ideal price performance and value for R&D and university style environments where both budget and development flexibility are required. The Discovery Series is specially designed and tailored with process flexibility in mind to allow the researcher the broadest process exploration available in order to innovate and expand beyond what is already known. Manufactured in polypropylene, FM4910 plastics or stainless steel, Discovery systems can be designed to accommodate a wide range of substrate sizes and chemistries along with temperature control, recirculation and filtering, and agitation among other process variables.



The Discovery platform provides the following baseline configurations and options:


Standard Configuration Optional Items
Standard sizes in 2’, 4’, 6’ and 8’
Polypropylene shell construction
Flush front full coverage safety sash
Minihelic exhaust monitoring
Configurable tank layout and sizing
EPO emergency shutdown
Built to Semi S2/S8, CE standards
Custom sizing to any width up to 10’
FM4910 plastics or Stainless Steel shell
Custom access options and tank lids
Mini PLC control for heating, chilling, timing, rinsing
Quartz, stainless steel, PVDF and Teflon tanks
Fire suppression system
Certifications for S2/S8, CE, UL, third party


The Discovery platform is highly adaptable and configurable and we look forward to working with you to optimize your “discovery” process. Please contact us for an exploration of your ideal research tool and a free evaluation and configuration proposal.