Web/Reel-to-reel Systems HORIZON

The Horizon web processing platform is as variable as roll to roll web produced products from hard drive suspensions to solar panels to coated heat resisting aircraft skins and more. Flexible polymers or stainless steel, Foresight specializes in combining process critical wet processing expertise and web handling technology. Foresight engineering transitions single substrate production to full web processing including R&D systems and full roll to roll volume production. Engineering precision systems over 100 in length, Foresight provides complete chemical handling, web tensioning and steering, curing ovens and dryers, integrated winders, PLC and sophisticated graphical user interface. The Foresight engineering staff has hundreds of years of combined fab experience in equipment engineering, chemical process development and tool design for both metal and flexible web materials. Whether it be plating, coating, developing, etching or cleaning, the Horizon product series is adaptable and capable to support most applications. For an engineering analysis of your application contact us by email or call 480-967-0080x122.