Pinnacle Semi-Automated

Foresight's Pinnacle Semi-Automated processing systems provide most of the same functions as the more capable Apex systems with a simpler robotic system and generally a smaller footprint. Both rotary and linear designs allow for high functionality at value based pricing levels. In addition, our unique 3 1/2" wide rotary robot system can even be used as a drop in addition for many manual processing tools requiring automation. Most other units are too bulky and of much more aged round collar motor design with proprietary parts and complex repair and maintenance routines.



Pinnacle systems offer fully functional GUI display and process controls as well as a payload capacity of over 40 kilograms, making it the most robust rotary system in its class. Our linear systems are designed for minimizing fab footprint and can be configured for deep chase placement. Either stainless steel or plastics construction including optional FM4910 materials. Pinnacles systems are perhaps the most cost efficient process tools with automation on the market. To see which semi-automated platform might be best for your application, contact us and our staff will help you determine the most cost effective design.