Apex Fully Automated

Apex fully automated process tools are used in many industries. The key factors to a quality and reliable process tool is the proper configuration and design of control systems, fluid path and process vessels, robotics and a robust graphical user interface for operators and engineers. The Apex platform allow for easy adaptation to numerous standard and unique substrates and processes.


Apex systems are used for many processes including:


  • Etch
  • Clean
  • Texture
  • Strip
  • Develop
  • Coating
  • Plating
  • Electropolishing


Designed for either plastic or stainless steel compatible chemistries, the system architecture allow for autoloading from standard carriers, wafer transferring and FOUP or other auto-loading formats. Our multitasking robot improves throughput and is a structural component of the process tool making it a rigid and reliable component that enhances tool uptime. Depending on the need systems can be fully designed for dry in/dry out processing with multiple choice of drying systems as required by process and substrate.


A hallmark of Foresight systems is our design philosophy to use the most common and reliable parts available to promote fast replacement and maximized mean time to repair if ever necessary. Proprietary components found in many competitive systems serve to complicate, increase coat and downtime, all of which increase overall Cost of Ownership.