Processing Equipment

Foresight Processing provides custom and standard wet systems and chemical handling for multiple industries and applications to customers around the globe. With the security of a strong and stable company, Foresight offers a reliable and capable engineering team to replicate your process on our standard tools or to customize exactly what your application requires. For over 20 years, we have built the most complex and challenging toolsets for semiconductor, solar, MEMs, medical device, optics, flat panel display and other industries as well as cost effective solutions for R&D and university environments.


As a vertically integrated process tool manufacturer, Foresight can design, engineer and build your toolset to exacting specifications. However, serviceability and maintainability are also paramount along with optimized uptime, so our engineers design using the most reliable and cost effective parts and components available to ensure easy tool support and parts replenishment if needed.


Foresight offers fully automated, semi-automated and manual wet process stations for virtually any substrate, chemical process and throughput goal, plus roll to roll web processing and custom conveyor tools. Foresight is a leading supplier to global OEM’s and users for various chemical handling systems from dispense to recovery. For a customized quote for your needs, contact us or call 480-967-0080, x122.