Our Clients

We have a saying, "there's a little Foresight in everything we do." Our clients are globally based, multinational companies who have come to rely on our production and systems as integral parts of what they do, everyday, everywhere. Whether it be critical flight worthy parts we have machined for commercial and military aircraft or chemical distribution systems supporting the most critical semiconductor plating processes, we know that what we do matters, in every little detail to make our clients products safe and productive. Our client list includes the leaders in various industries, including semiconductor OEM's and production fabs, aerospace and military systems companies and a growing group of MEMs, nanotechnology, medical device and optics companies. Storage media, optics and flat panel display technologies have a little Foresight in them too. So on any given day, somewhere, sometime, there really is some Foresight in something we each do or touch.


Our customers require, demand and deserve excellence in quality of product, on time delivery and outstanding value. Foresight delivers that consistently which is why we have continued to enjoy record growth over that past years from loyal and repeat customers. We believe in developing a deep level of partnership and communication so that as a premier provider of mission critical parts, components and systems, we can know and anticipate the needs of our customers in advance as well as cooperating with design and product engineers to develop parts, susbsystems and full toolsets to enhance their competitive position. We know when we do our job well, our customer’s customer wins, and so does everyone else. Our customers have confidence and trust in our ability to perform for them. And we never take that lightly. Every action is a moment of truth for us to meet the needs of our customer and continue to earn their business and their trust. Our clients are tough, because they need to be to compete. Our clients are precise, because their systems are some of the most complex in the world and they demand precision to work. Our clients are active and informed and need to stay informed to meet their commitments. Our clients are terrific, and it is an honor to call them customers.