Industries Served


Foresight provides high volume metal machining, precision plastic machining wet process tools for aerospace companies in an AS9100 and ISO9001:2008 Registered environment where delivery, quality and volume production are paramount requirements.


Semiconductor OEM's

Global semiconductor tool manufacturers rely on Foresight for design and development expertise in our ESI (Early Supplier Initiative) programs and RPM (Rapid Prototype Manufacturing) activities. From highly complex pure bonded plumbing manifolds to visually perfect plastic welded tool casements to critical tolerance wafer contacting parts, including a preponderance of CMP related products, Foresight consistently delivers as a preferred and value added provider.



The military support and manufacturing complex is a rapidly growing part of Foresight’s business. From high volume, heavy metal large vehicle parts to lightweight aerospace alloys, often requiring PPAP certification, Foresight enjoys strong relationships based on quality and on time performance. We also provide wet process solutions to military optics and flex panel display companies, with important products needed to support our troops on the ground.


Semiconductor Manufacturers/MEMs/Nanotechnology

For almost 20 years, Foresight companies have provided the top tier of global semiconductor and MEMs companies with process tools, components and repair and refurbishing services. We have guided many low volume, start up technologies, with a "beakers to batches" transition plan that enhances yields, product quality, process tool reliability and last, but not least, reducing overall Cost Of Ownership (COO) and return on process tool investment.



Foresight offers new and exciting platform technologies to enhance every part of the solar production process from first Si chunk etch to final clean before tabbing and stringing or reel to reel cleaning and etching. We listen to what our solar customers need as their processes change, not to what we have already designed and built. Many things are changing in solar and LED production, most of all the need to increase throughput and reduce production costs, including capital investments.


Medical Device Manufacturing

High precision machining of both plastic and metal parts are crucial to quality healthcare and patient outcomes. Foresight sully accepts and understands the FDA requirements and the importance of precision as well as repeatability from process tools. So from raw stock to finished medical devices made in wet process systems, Foresight offers Medical Device Manufacturers options most others cannot match.