Contract Manufacturing Services

Foresight brings value to our customers thru strong design and engineering support and low cost, vertically integrated production systems. We work for leading aerospace, defense, semiconductor, solar and many other industries. We provide assembly of everything from critical assemblies for the Tomahawk missile, process critical semiconductor assemblies that contact the wafer and complete turnkey processing equipment up to 100 feet in length and 1000’s of BOM items.


Our higher level contract assembly is focused on fluid distribution and automated wet processing systems. We bring substantially higher value and quality since our core manufacturing capabilities include precision machining, plastic welding, hi purity teflon plumbing and pure bonded, fusion welded manifold assemblies. We perform all assembly in neat areas or Certified Clean rooms and can provide isolated assembly areas for customers if needed.


Critical to the success of our contract manufacturing are our systems. We have a fully integrated shop floor planning system with MRP, automated capacity planning and automated scheduling. Our “Certified Operator Training” Work Instructions are developed for the most critical assembly operations to prevent any change in the assembly process. We focus on low to medium production quantities with higher quality and performance requirements.