Contract Assembly

Foresight Technologies is a leading ISO9001:2008 and AS9100 Registered contract manufacturer for the world leaders in aerospace, defense, semiconductor, solar and other high tech industries. Our core capabilities are complex CNC machining of metals, CNC machining of advanced engineered plastics, plastic welding and turnkey assembly of high purity fluid systems and advanced processing equipment.


With 45 CNC machine tools and next generation manufacturing processes, our company is able to deliver the most complex and process critical parts for your products. Our metals division specializes in aluminum, stainless and titanium and regularly produces parts with over 400 dimensions. We are experts in quick setup systems, process of record manufacturing, CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines and 5 Axis machining.


We are world leaders in the precision machining, welding and fabrication of plastics. Our CNC Plastics department is segregated and full temperature control provided during all machining operations to achieve dimensions no one else can. We provide extensive high purity plumbing and pure bonded manifolds for a broad range of customers.


Our extensive assembly operations focus on mechanical aerospace assembly and turnkey equipment and high purity chemical equipment manufacturing. Our operations operate with 5S organization, lean flow and often include 1000’s of line items in each assembly. We operate 3,100sf of certified clean rooms for assembly of critical products.