High Purity Plumbing

With extensive experience in fluid and gas delivery, high purity plumbing is one of our core capabilities. High purity plumbing in non-solvent systems is typically produced using Entegris® Teflon fittings, Parker® Teflon fillings, Pillar® Teflon fittings, Teflon pumps, Teflon diaphragm pumps, liquid flow controllers and ultra high purity Teflon tube and pipe. Cleanroom assembly, proper training and advanced bending techniques are necessary to produce high purity plumbing. We operate to specific written procedures defined as "High Purity Plumbing Protocol" which ensures assembly, bonding, testing and packaging are all done to achieve superior purity.


We provide individual tubes, manifolds, or complete high purity systems to the top equipment OEMS. Our process of providing pre-bent, repeatable tubes is unique. But what really sets us apart is our ability to quickly and easily inspect complex tube bends during assembly and final inspection. Our customers almost always change to our tube inspection system, due to its significant time savings.