Plastic Welding and Fabrication

As one of the leading manufacturers of precision plastic welded struding, as well as Design and Engineering of chemical processing equipment, we require the highest quality plastic welded products. Foresight Technologies has been manufacturing welded plastic tanks, valve boxes, desiccators, chemical distribution systems, process tools and much more for over 15 years. We are experts in nearly all weldable plastic materials, including welding polypro, CP7®, PVC, FM4910 CPV-C, FM4910 PVDF Kynar®, polycarbonate, Teflon PFA, and many other materials. Teflon PFA welding is one of our more unique capabilities requiring much higher skill levels and specialized ventilation and safety precautions. We use qualified Quality Inspectors and Quality Weld Criteria samples to verify our quality is above all others.


As an engineering company, we have redefined how to design and fabricate to achieve higher standards. We pride ourselves on CNC machining every detail for exact dimensional consistency. We use specific plastic fabrication design criteria to CNC machine every critical feature and location, including walls, shelves, holes, blocks and every other feature. We often present “How to Design with Plastics” to educate our customer’s engineers on the unique tolerancing and design strategies for plastics.