Vista Chemical Handling

Foresight offers a variety of standard and custom chemical handling solutions, starting from bulk chemical delivery and interface systems to tool side dispense and mixing solutions. After use our recovery solutions are as simple as standard manual carboy containment to automated carboys and finally bulk recovery, reclaim/recycle and neutralization systems. The Foresight Vista series can be configured for virtually any chemistry as well as multi-tool distribution and manifold boxes to optimize distribution and minimize cost. The Vista series can also be configured with extensive mixing and blending systems using specialized metering pumps, liquid flow controllers, plc controls and related valving systems for the most demanding mixing and dispense requirements.


Standard platforms include dual and single 55 gallon drum bulk dispense and recovery systems which can be expanded to a 10 or more drum solution. Our Bulk Delivery Interface and Master Control Systems manage and monitor third party and facility bulk dispense and ensure accurate delivery to each individual tool. Toolside, the Mini Delivery System and Mini Recovery System manage and mix up to 15 gallons of solution to and from the individual tool. The MRS can be self contained or automatically pump to bulk recovery systems. As chemical usage becomes increasingly costly, Vista systems can also be used to filter and reclaim chemistries for additional or lower grade uses in facility or as a reclaimed revenue source for paid recycling rather than costly waste drain strategies. This GREEN initiative can be customized for virtually any chemistry with residual value. Multi-tool dispense, exact accuracy mixing, including CMP slurries makes Vista series systems a logical choice for optimizing chemical utilization and lowering cost of ownership.


Vista… a broad view of many elements to make up a complete picture. That describes exactly the Foresight Vista Series chemical system. Vista is a complete chemical handling system from bulk storage and dispense to full chemical recovery and reclaim and everything in between. Our standard product set includes the following:

  • Bulk chemical storage & delivery
    • FAB integrated with 1 to “n” 55 gal drums
  • Bulk Delivery Interface
    • Control system for Fab bulk delivery to connect to Vista series tools
  • Master Control System
    • Touch screen GUI for complete integration of multiple chemistries and multiple tools
  • Mini Delivery System
    • Tool side delivery, monitoring and mixing as required for maintaining optimum process tool performance and chemical concentration
  • Mini Recovery System
    • Fully integrated, self pumping system to interface between the process tool and bulk recovery & reclaim. Highly adaptable to any toolset.
  • Chemical Recovery System
    • Hazardous or reclaimable chemistry containment from 1 to "n" 55 gallon drums


All Vista series are made of chemically compatible materials including polypropylene and FM4910 plastics or stainless steel with fully certified XP fire safety systems.